DNS Whitelist – Protect against false positives

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What is dnswl.org?

Dnswl.org is the leading whitelist provider for email filtering. It has over 80'000 users and contains more than 150'000 entries of "good mailservers".

Your email filter should try to avoid tagging messages as spam if they come from one of those good mailservers, which are assigned into one of four trust levels:

Trust LevelDescription
HighHighly unlikely to send spam, and expected to be very fast in remediating issues.
MediumRare spam occurrences, corrected promptly.
LowOccasional spam occurrences, actively corrected but less promptly.
This is the default for most categories.
NoneThese are legitimate mail servers, but they may also emit spam or have other issues from time to time.
This is the default for some categories (eg Email Marketing Provider).

What does it cost?

Access for non-commercial users doing less than 100'000 queries per day is free. See the license page for details.



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